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Hi i'm Harry Meakin, I'm 19 and born in Shrewsbury. I was lucky enough to pick up my dad's artistic genes so am pursuing a career as a successful graphic designer. I'm very outgoing and a sports fan.


In my first year of University studying Graphic Communication at Cardiff Metropoliton. I'ts great meeting new people and I love the city


All the designs you see below is my work I have done at University or employed through the summer at Verve Design agency. Click to get to my blog

December 17, 2013 0 notes Reblog

Back at Verve for the winter! 

Which means lots of Web visuals and Logos!

Came up with this logo and web visual today for a Chinese furniture company, check it out :) 

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Always good to know who your working with, so this is me!

Harry Meakin

Graphic Designer

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